Saturday, 29 August 2015

August 22, 2015

193/1467) Home:  All Natural Blonde by Amsterdam Brewery of Ontario:  *;  5%, which goes to show how flexible the definition of light is becoming;  grainy nose;  bland - just a hint of fruit at finish;  I imagine it does pay the rent, though;

194/1468) Home:  Molotov Lite by Eviltwin Brewing of Connecticut, U.S.A.:  **1/2;  8.5% Imperial India Pale Ale;  opaque with a fluffy head;  off-orange;  earthy and resiny with a touch of citrus to the nose;  earthy,  resiny flavours with a bitter astringent after taste;

Well, it's light (or lite) for a Molotov...

195/1469) Home:  Propeller Double IPA by The John Allen Brewing Company of Nova Scotia:  **; 8.2%;  sharp, piney, citrusy nose;  bitter with notes of citrus;  bitter after taste;  purchased at the Bishop's Cellar - growler filling stations are everywhere including here;

Revolting Development III:  The Toronto Zombie Walk is done for good.

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