Saturday, 15 July 2017

April 30, 2017

142/1960) Home:  Tsarina Bomb Equinox by Bandit Brewery of Ontario:  **1/2;  8.4%   tropical, slightly herbal nose;  delicious tropical and citrus flavours;

I want to call it an Equinox Imperial IPA but these days they're called Ekuont ™ hops. Rumour has it Lagunitas - villain du jour for daring to be being bought by Heinekin (That's why I am seeing their IPA everywhere)  - who you might think would have a sense of humour, took exception to the name as they had a beer bythe same moniker:  Cue the lawyers.  Another version points the finger at Equinox brewing of Colorado.  It should be easy to find out which is the real story for anyone who, unlike me, has the energy for this sort of thing.

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