Friday, 14 July 2017

March 25, 2017

102/1920) Home:  My Beer 2.0 by me:  **;  this time I added extra hops near the end of the boil using the ones I have been keeping in the freezer;  to do this near end was the idea of fellow at Toronto Brewing;  like last time, it is extremely well carbonated;  as far as the nose is concerned I can detect the honey I added to aid carbonation and the hops I added to the Brooklyn Brewshop mix;  it is downright muddy - maybe I should filter more aggressively;  bitter, mildly astringent after taste, a blend of honey and hops;

I think next time I will add less honey.  It may be a case of me boiling away more volume than I think is happening.

103/1921) Plank Road Baltic Porter by Muddy York Brewing Co. of Ontario:  **;  8.8%, 37 ibu;  mocha nose;  chocolate, roast malt, alcohol, especially during the warming at the finish;  holds its own against some tough competition

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