Saturday, 29 July 2017

July 3, 2017

221/2039) Home:  Swift Currant Dark Ale, a collaboration between Central City of British Columbia and Yukon Brewing of Yukon Territory:  *1/2;  5.1%, 20 ibu;  brewed with local black currants, wheat and barley;  grainy nose with forward back currant;  it's black currant all the way through;  very summery with a mild roastiness;

222/2040) Home:  Refresh Grisette, a collaboration between Central City of British Columbia and NWT Brewing of the NorthWest Territories:  *1/2;   4%, 17 ibu;  the Grisette style originated amongst Belgian miners and it translates a "little grey";  brewed with spelt;  pours a translucent straw colour;  very saison-like and if truth be told I do have some difficulty defining the demarcation lines between things like saisons, farmhouse ales, table ales, grisettes and the like;  the nose is earthy and musty with citrusy lemon notes;  musty,  yeasty, peppery with a citrusy finish;

These are from Central City's Red Racer Across the Nation 150 Years 1867-2017 mixed pack, the West version.  In other provinces it is marketed as a complete case of twelve but our LCBO will not carry packages larger than six so it was split for the Ontario market.

223/2041) Home:  Azimuth Belgian Blonde by Wellington Brewery of Ontario:  **;  6.7%, 18 ibu;  yeasty nose with citrus zest;  unusually citrusy for a Belgian but it makes for a nice variation on the style;  sweet with mild clove notes;

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