Saturday, 29 July 2017

July 10, 2017

228/2046) Home:  Light 'Er Up Canadian Craft Lager by Old Tomorrow of Ontario:  *1/2; 4.0%, 10 ibu;  I suppose the alcohol content would make this a light, or session beer;  grassy nose;  crisp, malty, mineral notes;  you wouldn't know it was a light beer - more flavourful that I would have expected;

229/2047) Home:  Land of Rice and Honey Saison, a collaboration between Central City of British Columbia and Half Pints of Manitoba:  *1/2;  5.8%, 25 ibu;  brewed with wild rice and wildflower honey;  nose is mostly honey and yeast;  flavours of spice and honey;  perhaps a bit sweeter than I care for but it's nice enough;

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