Thursday, 13 July 2017

March 21, 2017

94/1912) Home:  Express India Session Lager by Railway City Brewing of Ontario:  **;  4.8%, 18 ibu;  presented as a halfway point between lagers and IPAs;  piney IPA like nose;  could easily pass for an IPA;

95/1913) Home:  Tap X:  Marie's Rendezvous by Schneider Weiss G. Schneider & Sohn GMBH:  **1/2;  a 10.0 % Limited Edition Weizendoppelbock;  brewed with wheat and barley malt;  unpasteurized, unfiltered;  dedicated to their ancestor Anna-Marie Schneider;  honey brown colour; nose features honey, cider and dark fruit;  flavours of dark sugar, alcohol and dark fruit;   aftertaste is alcohol and lemon;  a German twist on an Abbey ale? - it's  hard to quantify but it is very, very good

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