Friday, 14 July 2017

March 22, 2017

96/1914) Tracks Brewpub:  President's Choice Blonde Brew by Loblaw's of Ontario:  *; less than 0.5% abv;  brewed with the usual four ingredients plus corn syrup, hop extract, caramel colour and sulphites (eek!);  tastes sort of like a beer, a dull one, with metallic corn notes;

When I asked after Budweiser Prohibition a while back Tammy said that while they did have it, people seemed to prefer the President's Choice when it came to dealcoholized beers.  I can see no need to repeat this experience.

97/1915) Home:  R 100 IPA by Muddy York Brewing Co. of Ontario:  **; 7%, 70 ibu;  named for the R-100 dirigible which circled Toronto on its (not "it's", as the label reads) first trans-Atlantic voyage to Canada in 1930;  brewed with Magnum Topaz and Equinox hops;  orangyish in colour;  fruity hop nose with an herbal, musty edge;  herbal, fruity hop flavours;

 What I came home with after a visit to Muddy York Brewing in Toronto.

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