Sunday, 30 July 2017

July 12, 2017

232/2050) Home:  Restored Hop(e) ESB, a collaboration between Central CIty of British Columbia and Picaroons of New Brunswick:  **;  5.6%, 50 ibu;  brewed with wheat and barley;  fluffy, pillowy head;  rich and malty with a mild hop bite at the finish;  it;s nice to have a solid example of a tried and true style in this series;

New Brunswick's provincial motto "Spem Reducit" which translates as "Hope is Restored".  This beer was inspired by the French descendants and United Empire Loyalists who founded Canada's only truly bilingual province.

233/2051) Home:  "New" Scottish Ale, a collaboration between Central City of British Columbia and Garrison of Nova Scotia:  *;  5.5%, 20 ibu;  Nova Scotia Latin for New Scotland;  sweet caramel and smoke, or perhaps I should say peat, in the nose;  sweet malty caramel notes offset by said peat;  lingering bitter smokiness;

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